Mass Graves (We Would Be Better Off)

by Caust

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Recorded and mastered by Matt Redenbo at Little Lamplight Studio in Baltimore, MD on July 8 & 9, 2012.

Released on It's a Trap! Records.

chris / vocals
phil / guitar and vocals
alex / bass
dj / guitar and vocals
will / drums

Artwork by Isabelle Mouton, layout by Ashley Wood.


released July 14, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Autosacrifice
Take away this sheen of sweat, and replace it with steady breathing. Have you ever been in love? Let me tell you, neither have I. So sodder my wires back together, just to tear it all out. It's better to have loved, than to feel this disconnect of wires and circuits. So tear it apart. So let me know what I don't. Lay this book down, I can't stop living this script.
Track Name: Your Father Gave You Good Advice
Put me down into the ground, so I can breathe and savor the soil. A world with regret is a constant reminder to my hands, that nothing lasts forever. This cycle of birth, death, dirt and growth. Is a reminder, a constant reminder, to my insides, that nothing lasts. It's all a game to bide the time, til we all die. A scrawl on the wall that says, "I am the dirt beneath your feet, the worms beneath your toes. I am alive. Alive, numb, nothing".
Track Name: Sallekhana
Fade away. Buried under intentions and lies, your god has caused more to die, than this war will ever achieve. It's not you I hate, it's your fucking faith. History is what we've become, and this is the last chapter. Thank god it's finally over, your god has nothing to do with this. Your god has caused more to die, intentions are fucked. Nothing. All I've ever known is what you see. It's something I cannot defeat. And reflected back is fire. So lock me up, go back to sleep. History is what we've become, and this is the last chapter. Look in my eyes one last time.
Track Name: I Am Howard Beale
Worship and pray, for your diamond ring. Worship and pray, to your false gods. Money. Hope and dream for that Christmas bonus, I know you're wishing for. There is no waiting, you're all disgusting. I love to hate you fucking fucks.
Track Name: For Myself
Has it come to this? Can you hear the frail cut through the air? We're calling for a moment of clarity. Alter the chemicals and let us speak. We're not perfect, but we wish we were. We can't always function, but we wish we could. Just let me speak. For myself.
Track Name: Beginning
It's just what I tell myself. A choice to make, or a decision made. is it enough to stop the words from spilling out? Is it enough to believe if receiver and sender are one and the same? Save me from myself. Save me from intangibles. Save me from this sheet of paper.
I am happy, I am happy now. If I keep telling myself that.
Track Name: Book Burner
We live in a state that is fucked. Force fed lies, keep in mind you're televised. Price tags on words, your state has one too. Letters go unanswered, and so do you. We live in a state that is fucked. We are digging mass graves.