Anatomy & Dissection

by Caust

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released April 21, 2015

Guitar / DJ, Brian
Bass / Gus
Drums / Will
Words / Chris, DJ, Will, Gus

recorded by Pablo Cabrera at Precocious Studios in Annandale, VA. artwork by Pat Bright. vinyl release on KYEO Speaks, Off Cloud Nine Label, Trends Die Records, Doujinshi DIY, Contrition Recordings and Friendly Otter. thanks for listening.

backup download link: http://www(dot)mediafire(dot)com/download/tg2vmnvv63e7ham/



all rights reserved
Track Name: another one dead
chris: fuck you / I see reflection, I see mistake / keep counting / we're fed "this is perfect, this is ideal" / this is my self mutilation / who will care? / it's not perfect / another one dead
will: a self portrait fades / diagnosed, diseased, deposed
gus/dj: keep counting, keep slipping
tj: 1, 2, 3 / this body is diseased
Track Name: disqualified from the human team
chris: feel that disconnect of wires / live like binary / mundane, dull, tedious, routine / go through the motions / fake that smile / to lead a life you don't want:
will: maybe there's no nerves there / empty existence / is this how feelings work? / what defines pain?
dj: maybe there's no nerves there
tj: tedious, routine / go through the motions / fake that smile / to lead a life you don't want
gus: disconnect
Track Name: held down by a shadow
chris: subject to / affecting / we deserve more than this / more than a slow bleed from a thousand shallow stabs / mass extinction of the human race / a convergence of sorrow severed at the head / kill us all
gus: thousands of singular deaths / handfuls of lives / kill
dj: tracking back
will: why should we feel safe? / why are we exempt?
Track Name: cotard delusion
chris: it's so uncomfortable / living in this skin / as if it's natural to have thought at all / and even stranger to exist / I think I'm done / can I try on something else?
dj: this one's defective
will: such is life / in a box / out of style
gus: I think i'm done / cant I try on something else
Track Name: i keep pressing <ESC> but i'm still here
chris: differences separate us / but one thing remains the same / one aspect that holds us together / we all bleed the same shade / show me a cure for this fucking race / one way or another / we will end eachother
will: mired / erased / incisions made and they reveal...
gus: exhumed
dj: reduced to a heap / one way or another / we're all to blame / i'm gonna find you
Track Name: history is written by the songwriter
chris: you're telling a one sided story / next time you open your mouth / make sure you have something to say / not just a bullshit buffet / think of only yourself, your suffering, your reasoning / credibility comes with a guitar
will: spite disguised as heartbreak / determined unequal / is it emotion or justification? / meaningless sympathy
gus: reflection